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Who Are We?

Since being incorporated in New York in March 1992 as the American subsidiary of SBS Media Group, SBS International has been servicing SBS content broadcast to Korean Americans across the nation.

In December 2003, to better serve as a hub of SBS content sales/distribution as well as to expand our target market to other regions, we relocated our office to Los Angeles. Since then, we have been the core of SBS content sales/distribution not only in North America but in Central and South America region as well.


Catering to constantly changing distribution platform digitization, we are currently in the works of expanding various value added viewer personalized TV services.

한인사회와 함께 다시 뛰는 SBS




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​Building a Delightful Korean American Society Together

We deliver inherent excellence of Korean culture and the voice of Korean Americans through the news in the eyes of a Korean American as well as other various local contents.

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Total Entertainment Channel

We reach out to our viewers with popular SBS original TV series, including but not limited to drama, entertainment, and golf.

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Bridging Role in Korean Wave Globalization

In the midst of the global Hallyu craze, we strive for cultural diversity and coexistence of races, a society where everyone works together, in a multi-cultural society through the deliverance of unique voice of Korean Americans.


MARCH: Incorporated  in NY

Introduced SBS original contents to Koreans around the globe through video business.

DIRECTV Contract Signed

Signed a contract with DIRECTV, the largest satellite service provider in the US.
24-hour HD Channel

Verizon FiOS TV Contract Signed

America's largest carrier Verizon FiOS TV channel launch







DEC: Office Relocation to LA

Office was relocated to LA for efficient content sales/distribution in North America as well as to expand the business out to Central America, and South America.

OCT: SBS PLUS Channel Launch

SBS PLUS, a SBS Drama Channel, launch

Contract Signed with Spectrum

Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable)
channel launch

Family Taking a Photo







From SBS Original Series to Korean American Amateur Golf Match, Local News and other Local Contents 
DIRECTV Korean Channel
Verizon Fios Korean Channel
Spectrum Korean Channel
Optimum Korean Channel
Frontier Korean Channel
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